Tooth Extractions Available in Brisbane

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Are your wisdom teeth causing you a lot of pain? Had an accident which has cracked a tooth beyond repair? Despite rigorous dental care, we know that there are some occasions when tooth extraction is the only option. The removal of a tooth can sometimes leave a visible gap which may affect your confidence levels, your ability to eat or talk with ease, or cause your other teeth to shift.
Dental Crowns in Brisbane
In such circumstances, we will recommend an implant, bridge, or denture to rectify this. Our friendly team will be able to reassure and advise you and help alleviate any concerns you may have. We understand the anxiety that you may feel before and during treatment, so we will discuss the best method of extraction with you before we proceed.
Tooth extractions being performed in Brisbane

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are renowned for being troublesome. They are the last four teeth to erupt, sometimes only partially erupting, causing significant discomfort and reoccurring infections. If left untreated, they could also cause damage to surrounding teeth, resulting in even greater costs. If you are having continuous problems with your wisdom teeth, we will be able to extract them in a comfortable, pain-free, and relaxing atmosphere.  

If you are having issues with your wisdom teeth, call us today on (07) 3841 0667 to discuss options for their removal.

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